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Biofumigation is the naturally occurring chemical reaction that takes place when the glucosinolate (GL), sinigrin, comes in contact with the enzyme, myrosinase, in the presence of water to create the volatile gas, Alleyl Isothiocyanate (AITC).  When high enough concentrations of these AITC's are released, they have been proven to be very effective in controlling a wide range of diseases, insects, and weeds.  Not all Green Manure mustard varieties on the market contain the proper GL's.  Many varieties sold today are White Mustard (Sinapsis alba) varieties and contain the non-volatile GL, sinalbin.  Other Brassica juncea varieties on the market were bred to be mild table varieties, and DO NOT produce high enough levels of AITC's to actually "BIOFUMIGATE".  When varieties don't produce high concentrations of AITC, they become hosts to the diseases and insects you are trying to control.  CHOOSE YOUR BIOFUMIGANT CROPS WISELY!


At BioSustainable Solutions, our goal is to help your business become more sustainable and improve the health of your soils using environmentally friendly practices.  With the use of our Caliente Brand Biofumigants and Mustard Meal Organic Fertilizers, we can improve the yield and quality of your crops, decrease disease, insect, and weed pressure, greatly increase organic matter levels, and increase the beneficial microbial populations and overall health of your precious soils.  Our Caliente Brand Biofumigants have been specifically bred to consistently be the hottest and most effective Biofumigant/Green Manure seeds on the market.  All of our products are OMRI listed, tested GMO Free, and contain NO HARD SEEDS.  




Seeds can be directly sown into many different soil conditions. When sowing into heavy stubble use higher seeding rate. Grain drills and Brillion type seeders work great with Caliente Brand Biofumigants.


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