BioSense Pellets are an 100% Organic Fertilizer derived from a specifically bred brassica crop and designed to release a spectrum of macro & micro nurtients according to the plants needs.  BioSense Pellets are OMRI listed and tested 100% GMO free.  Application Rate: 50lb/1000 sq ft Broadcast, 400 linear ft banded in bed.

BioSense Pellets 50lb Bag

  • 50 lb package treats 1000 sq ft broadcast; 400 linear ft bedded plastic. After BioSense has been applied, irrigate 0.50-1.00 inch of water to activate. Wait 10-14 days before planting. Guaranteed Analysis: Nitrogen-6.0%, Phosphorous-2.0%, Potassium-0.0%, Sulphur-4.4%, Magnesium-0.9%