Nemat is a high glucosinolate producing arugula variety that is an excellent trap crop for root knot and sugar beet cyst nematode.  Our Nemat/Caliente mustard blend is designed for high biomass production and improved nematode suppression, especially in IPM programs combined with chemical nematicides.  Excellent disease and weed suppression.  Seeding Rate: 8-15 lbs/acre

Nemat/Caliente Mustard Blend 2500lb Pallet

SKU: 54654217
  • 2,500 lb Bag covers approximately 250-310 Acres. Broadcast or direct seed into stubble or prepared seedbed. Keep moist after seeding to aid in germination. Requires 120-150 lb available Nitrogen & 20-25 lb Sulphur to reach full biofumigation potential. Incorporate shortly after flowering into good moisture.