Newest release from ISCI, a distinctive mustard with purplish/red leaves and the highest glucosinolate production currently available.  Vigorous growth with high leaf biomass and an extensive root system.  A good choice for organic or conventional growers with high disease and/or nematode pressure.  THE BEST "BIO-FUMIGANT" MUSTARD IN THE BUSINESS!!  Seeding Rate: 10-15 lbs/acre

Caliente Rojo Mustard Blend 1000lb Pallet

  • 1,000 lb Bag covers approximately 66-100 Acres. Broadcast or direct seed into stubble or prepared seedbed. Keep moist after seeding to aid in germination. Requires 120-150 lb available Nitrogen & 20-25 lb Sulphur to reach full biofumigation potential. Incorporate shortly after flowering into good moisture.